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International Day of Peace & Canadian Peace Officers

International Day of Peace 2015

Turn on your local nightly newscast and odds are you will be faced with a story about a war or conflict somewhere in the world, or perhaps a violent incident in your own town. We’ve come a long way as a global civilization, but we are a far cry from world peace, across the planet […]

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The RCMP Musical Ride Presents an Amazing Job Opportunity for Officers to Celebrate the History of the Force

RCMP Musical Ride at Sunset

Canada has a rich history of pageantry and showmanship dating back to our origins as a British colony in the 18th and 19th centuries. The RCMP Musical Ride is a celebrated vestige of this heritage involving a full troop of 32 cavalry riders, who are also active Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, performing intricate formations […]

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The RCMP: Canada’s National Police Force From The Beginning

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP have been around for almost as long as Canada. In 18 months Canada will celebrate it’s 150th birthday as a country, which was founded with 4 provinces under the Dominion of Canada in 1867, also known as Confederation. In the decades that followed, an additional 7 provinces and 3 territories would subsequently join […]

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What is Ethical Leadership in Policing?

Ethical Leadership In Canadian Policing

In policing, as in all other organizations, there are many challenges, but the one that has the greatest impact on the public trust within our communities is ethical leadership. There are a few things that should be considered before we speak about managing the future leadership dilemma in policing. One major problem that we face […]

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Acquiring References for Police & Security Jobs: Who Can Vouch For Me?

References for Police and Security Jobs

A personal or professional reference can go a long way to helping you secure the job and career you really want in policing or security. A quick Google search will provide you with a lot of good information and advice about what type of references you need in order to get the job you are […]

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Digitizing The Application Process for Policing & Security Jobs

Importance of Online Job Applications for Police & Security

As our digital age continues to mature, old methods of applying for jobs with paper applications are quickly evaporating. Online job applications and profiles are becoming the norm among tech-savvy millennials seeking to enter the workforce. Moreover, mobile technology is now infused into many aspects of our daily lives, giving Generation Y a great deal […]

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Authentic Leadership: Importance for Police Officers

Authentic Leadership In Policing Careers

When we consider the significant competencies of a police officer, we often focus on the minimum requirements that are needed for the job. We speak of the importance for police officers to be committed and dedicated to their role and to operate with integrity. At SecureHire, we see these expectations not merely as competencies we […]

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Revolutionizing The Police, RCMP & Security Jobs Application Process


What is SecureHire and What Do We Do? Thank-you for reading the inaugural SecureHire blog post. Our company is built to help Canadian police services, RCMP, security agencies, private investigators and private security firms. The goal is to facilitate the connection between the hiring organizations and the best candidates from across Canada. Simply put, our […]

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