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What is Ethical Leadership in Policing?

Ethical Leadership In Canadian Policing

In policing, as in all other organizations, there are many challenges, but the one that has the greatest impact on the public trust within our communities is ethical leadership.

There are a few things that should be considered before we speak about managing the future leadership dilemma in policing. One major problem that we face is how leadership is developed and fostered, from the moment a recruit is brought into an organization, through the experience and promotion levels that are the backbone of our police organizations.

Study of Ethics in Canadian Policing

A few years ago, researchers at Carleton University produced the results of a ground-breaking study examining the ethics of policing across Canada, during which 10,000 police officers participated. The study was sponsored by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, in itself an act of proactive leadership within the policing community, and uncovered several key areas where ethical leadership in policing could be improved:

For example, the study found a majority of officers didn’t agree decisions are unbiased or consistently applied. They also believe decisions are made by managers who don’t talk to the people involved, and that information used to make those decisions is sometimes inadequate.

The researchers made 52 recommendations for police agencies to consider. Those include developing standards to guide discretionary judgment and in-house ethics expertise, be more supportive of professional development and providing more training to supervisors on being supportive. CTV News

The modern policing model, that we are familiar with, provides organizations and members with the opportunity to manage the challenges they face everyday, but also the responsibility to do so in an ethical manner that supports and guides front-line officers.

Before we can define ethical leadership, we should have a good understanding of what constitutes leadership. It could be argued that successful leaders are those who put the things that need to be done in their proper order, regardless of difficulty, ultimately doing what should be done in any given situation. Managers, in contrast, typically set out how tasks are to be done. Both are essential for the sustainable success of our police organizations. We need both leaders and managers to truly succeed and deliver the most from and within our police organizations.

Ethical Leadership in Policing

We can’t really discuss ethical leadership without trying to define what ethics are, and on that front you can ask any number of people and you would get just as many answers. In the effort to define ethics, in the most basic sense, it could be argued that knowing and doing what is right, is ethical behaviour. So when considering ethical leadership, we look for leaders who do the right thing for their organization, their membership and themselves… a tall order:

Leaders within law enforcement agencies play a significant role in determining the ethical orientation of their agency. Specifically, leaders must regard ethics as a key component of the agency’s culture in which officers behave ethically and respect the rights of others. This can only be accomplished by leaders demonstrating ethical actions to all members of the agency. Ethics in Law Enforcement

Ethical leadership is important in all organizations, but in policing, where the public has an inherent trust, ethical leadership is critical to maintaining that trust and the support a community has for it’s police force as the primary organization responsible for upholding the law and protecting the public:

Ethical behavior and leadership skills are essential to policing in a democratic society. Coupled with ethical behavior, effective leadership ability places the police officer in the position of a powerful force to secure and maintain public safety and order. Police Chief Magazine

The most trusted organization in any community is that community’s police service, entrusted with the rights of its citizens, running toward danger when others run away. When a leader knows what the right thing to do is… he or she is out of options, they cannot do the wrong thing and still be operating on an ethical basis worthy of the public trust.

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